Consecutive interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting


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My aim is to support and enhance communication for my clients through interpreting. Naturally this service is not limited to Japan. I am more than happy to work anywhere in the world to meet clients. I am also prepared to work in a various types of meetings, such as face-to-face, teleconferences, and press conferences, covering a wide range of topics from highly technical to top management discussion.

Based on your requirements, I will propose the best interpreting solution to ensure the success of your meeting.

For example, when you need multiple interpreters for your meeting including international conferences, I will put together a team of qualified interpreters suited to the subject matter. I hand pick interpreters whom I have worked together with in the past, whose work I trust, so as to offer you a total interpreting service.

Interpreter Coordination

Online Interpreting

Online interpreting service supports meetings through consecutive online interpreting via, for example, Skype, your company's tele-conferences system or other available tele-communication systems.


2010 - present

I offer a translation service, between English and Japanese, of materials spanning a wide range of subjects such as contracts, press releases, websites, IT, manufacturing, and managerial documents.

2010 - present